We believe that Boarding Dog Training is the most effect, successful approach to training any dog situation. I personally stand behind what we do 100%. Our Passion is Helping You and Your Dog to Enjoy Each Other Again.

1.) Your Dog has a 20 year old company, in a home environment with its undivided attention given to your dog. Four of us have been training since 2000. We have successfully trained over 4800 dogs successfully over the last 20 years. Mike Sinteff is a Certified AKC Evaluator for all Programs.

2.) Boarding Training allows for consistency, perseverance, persistence, love, caring, relationship building and in a home environment where your dog receives the love, attention, encouragement, motivation, task and relationship that results in a correction through trained changed behavior. Mike guarantees your dog will be trained to your satisfaction or he will refund the cost of training.

3.) Our Trainers can afford to, “Stay After the Aberrant Behavior” whatever it is until, your dog’s default behavior matches the Approved AKC Training Program. We never give up or throw the towel in unless your dog is so aggressive that we may be severely bitten. We use Praise Motivated Training Techniques. We teach your dog to behave in the context of the home environment.

4.) Your dog’s personality will not be change or spirit broken; we do not abuse dogs to change behavior. We always approach each and every dog as an individual with specific needs for change. No two dogs are exactly alike, we must evaluate each dog and tailor a Program specifically designed to teach correct behavior. Please feel free to ask us what and how we do what we do in our training of your dog. Visit us at our home to see for yourself. Schedule a board tour of our home. Sit in/audit a Turnover so you can see another family receive their trained dog. This audit will help you see exactly what to expect.

5.) Having Your Dog stay with us allows us to Socialize/Desensitize in five areas:
People, Places, Noises, Things and Other Dogs. Your dog will learn both voice commands and hand signals and be so vertically focused on you; you will not believe How much eye contact your dog makes with you.

The list goes on and on, but I think you get the point. We are so convinced about Boarding Training that we do not offer any other approach, because we cannot Guaranteed the result with other approaches as good as they might be. We truly want you to enjoy your dog again. This is not only our motto, but our passion and commitment to you and your family.