photo-1422363037975-f6a4c2c924fcAlpha vs Beta Dog Behavior

Dogs are Hierarchical in their relation to other members of the Pack. Dogs respect Position, Power, Strength and Authority. On a scale from number one to number five for example each dog is ordered as to where they stand one through five. So where do you and the members of your family rank? Many dog owners do not think this important question through. Often dogs that are strong willed see themselves as dominant in the Pack and perceive themselves to be number one and the two legged members of the Pack as settling out in descending order in the Pack.

It is so important to impress upon your dog that you are the Boss, The Pack Leader. You and each member of your family will need to earn this position. Sometimes this challenge to your authority/dominance will be challenged for a season of time even six months to one year. The more Beta/Submissive your dog is the easier this task will be. If you do not take the place as the Alpha influence in your pack (as well as each member of your home) your dog will not respect you. You must earn and hold your dog’s respect so he sees you as the Dominant Alpha Male or Female.

If your dog perceives you as weak, this task will be more difficult. A Strong Command Voice, A Strong Correction if needed, Physical Affirmation, Praise, Time Spent with your Dog and a Calm Confident Attitude are all necessary in communicating this “Alpha Position”. Anything less than this may be misunderstood by your dog as Beta or weakness on your part and elevating your dog on his part. His perception of you and the situation is more important than what you think. Remember, his perception is his reality.