Why Choose the Folks at TeachMyDog?

A Personal Guaranteed from Mike Sinteff

We have trained over 4800 dogs since 2000, and are professionally certified by the American Kennel Club and Comprehensive Pet Therapy. Please feel free to give us a call at 404-444-9329 with your special or difficult situation.

Our Goal is to Help you Enjoy Your Dog Again. We accomplish this for individuals and families who are not able to accomplish this feat themselves.
These are unique and sometime special situations involving puppies, older dogs, dogs with extreme behavior issues and dogs that are rescued into homes where they are loved, but are in danger of being taken back to a shelter. These dogs are man’s best friend and loved as part of your family.

Additionally, proper training takes time, patience, perseverance, knowledge and experience – Boarding Training is simply one of the most successful approaches to training; this approach is what allows us to guarantee our training programs. The lives of people and families are very busy and there Is just not the time needed to properly train even the average dog; this is where Megan, Teresa, Mike, Carley, Nathan, Helen and Matthew come into place. As of this Writing we have more than 75 years in combined Training Experience.

We work tirelessly to prepare your dog no matter what the issues might be, so that you might enjoy your dog in your home. We are happy to evaluate any situation, case by case, and give you our best recommendation for success in the relationship between dog and family. Mike has been heard saying the following, “Dogs and People need to have the opportunity to Understand and Be Understood”. We help Both Dog and Family Do Just That.

In our training programs, if we do not get that result, we will not charge you for training. I personally do not know of any trainer or training organization, this committed to training your dog and demonstrating this commitment through this Guarantee. About 70% of the solution is often, additionally, in preparing the person or family, to receiver their dog back into their home after training. We accomplish this with our 3+ hour “Train the Trainer” Program. You will also be given the necessary structure/instruction to successfully welcome your dog back into your home. We spend this time with you explaining the psychology and philosophy behind dog training/behavior helping you understand what you might do that either Encourages or Discourages Good Behavior. How did we teach your dog? We show and demonstrate that for you and then your dog must behave for you the same way you see him behave for us or you do not pay for the training.

We are dog behavioralists; we use a system that works! There is nothing magical about us. If you use the same system we use, following our instructionS and example, you will get the same result. REMEMBER, WE ARE ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY.

We do get the result through Praise Motivated Training Techniques. We work through the Processes of “Imprinting” (Teaching the Dog the Correct Behavior) and “Proofing” (which accomplishes consistent, default, correct behavior) in the actions of the family dog back at home. We invite you to bring your dog and visit us here at Whispering Oaks AKC Certified Trainers and see for yourself by doing a tour of our home and facility. CALL US TODAY! DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER DAY!

We encourage it! Let’s Get Started!
Please give Mike Sinteff a call at 404-444-9329
Thanks Mike, for Our Whole Team. Our Business is a Team Effort