Whispering Oaks AKC Certified Trainers of Cumming, Georgia

Boarding Training your dog at our home is like boarding your dog at yours. Your family friend gets up between 6-7AM eats his food in his own space and then goes out to play with his new friends, all day until the sun goes down. It is just like his doggie day camp experience except it doesn’t end until you pick him up. We are happy to give any special attention needed to dogs that are on special diets and medication at no additional charge. Most kennel limit your family pet to outside activity for just 1-2 hours out of 24, weather permitting, your dog will play outside as many as 12 hours per day.

Board My Dog
Train My Dog

Board My Dog

Your dog might say that in some ways he likes it better here than at home because of the
“play all day part”. It might seem like he really isn’t interested in going home just yet.
When you do get him home, do not be surprised if he sleeps a little more than normal for a couple of days until he gets all rested up from camp.

Boarding Training Protocol

  1. up at 6-7AM & eat
  2. go out to play all day
  3. drink cold, crisp well water
  4. bedding of hay & shavings

What To Bring / Name On All Items

No bedding is needed ( Bedding Provided)

Bring only the following items with Dog’s Name:

  1. food for dog’s entire stay,
  2. bowls marked with dog’s name,
  3. standard walking leash,
  4. Bully Stick, Antler, Kong, Nyla-bone
  5. current shot records, dog must be on flea/tick program. including kennel cough

If you have any questions please feel free to call our home at any time.

Special Needs Dogs

  1. use your feeding schedule
  2. all meds given, ears, eyes
  3. older dogs, rescues, etc
  4. don’t be afraid to ask us!
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