English Bulldog Training

Do not forget to take a quick peak at Mike and General Patton, English Bull dogs can be a challenge to train, those who have one know what I mean, however a family pet can be trained if worked with in a praise motivated training program such as is seen here.

In no way are Comprehensive Pet Therapy® and Whispering Oaks Kennels in any way affiliated. Mike Sinteff is a certified trainer for CPT® Comprehensive Pet Therapy® is in fact The Premier training and boarding company in the Greater Atlanta Area.

Click the picture above to see a video of CPT Trainer Mike Sinteff working with General Patton, a 6-month old English Bulldog, during the fourth day of General Patton’s Board Train. In this video, Mike works on leash walking, sit, and waiting patiently until receiving a release command. He also introduces the down command. Watch how eagerly, cooperatively, and reliably General Patton performs after just a few days of Board Training! Boarding Training is the most efficient, effective way to Guarantee your Dog’s Obedience Training!