photo-1421747839823-baf55e319e87Not Threatening Repeating Commands!

The sign of a good dog handler is to give a good confident command with a tone that lets the dog know it is not negotiable. Be careful to use your basement/command voice for giving direction to your dog and your attic/high voice to praise your dog. Do not use your middle voice for that is the voice you use for the 30,000 other words you use each day. These words go in one ear and out the other ear of your dog. The natural tendency is to say the command over again if the dog does not sit for example. After a while the dog begins to turn a deaf ear to the word, the command and the person giving the command.

Earn Your Dog’s Respect Say the dog’s name to get his attention, give the command and then either Praise or Correct based on whether the dog obeys or does not obey. Dogs are very aware as to whether we, “say what we mean and mean what we say”. You must be consistent with your dog in the correct use of your commands, or your dog will ignore you and not give you the time of day!

Your dog is maturity level 2 and level 4 trained: this means that he is voice command trained and trained to hand and body motions. This maturity level 4 training teaches the dog to look at your face and your body for communication. Dogs are about 95% non-verbal when they communicate in their pack. This specialized training gives the dog a vertical focus so he is not horizontally distracted by his surroundings and energy coming at him from his environment. We will talk more about this concept in your Turn Over (2-3 Hour Train the Trainer – Training You). You and your dog will be proficient in Maturity Level Two and Four Training.