shutterstock_137913404Train the Trainer and Turnover

The Purpose of the 3 hour Train the Trainer and Turn-over is to demonstrate what your dog learned while at Whispering Oaks AKC Professional Dog Training.

Your dog will show you all that he learned; you will be able to see that your dog has learned 90-100% of the Dog Training Program you enrolled him. The training sessions you and your family do with your dog when you get him home helps you with your confidence, your use of the commands, become calm in high distraction environments, helps your dog get used to you being the dominant Alpha Leader of the pack, get used to the idea of submitting to you when you give a command even though he dominated you before his training experience, and finally allows you time to call us with questions as you work with your dog. If we do not get the result, you do not pay the Dog Training rate only the Dog Boarding rate.

This Turn Over gives us the opportunity to review, in our half hour orientation, a review of your specific dog’s personality, character, breed qualities, disposition and temperament. We will review with you his feeding and elimination schedule so you will know when to feed and water as well as when to allow your dog out to eliminate. We will explain the use of crating, two weeks of on-going training as well as the concept of tethering, imprinting and proofing. It is important to understand the philosophy and psychology behind dog training. What do we do as dog handlers that helps our dog’s behavior and what do we do that hinders our ability to handle our dog as the Alpha influence in our dog’s life.

This process will allow you to feel comfortable with your newly trained dog as well as how to successfully transfer your dog into your own home situation. The Train the Trainer covers the concepts of Alpha vs Beta and interactions with your dog, Vertical Focus vs Horizontal Distractions and finally, the Concept of First Time Obedience.