pupsWhere is your Dog’s Focus?

Many dogs pay more attention to those things going on around them than they do to the person who is giving them direction. This seems to be especially true of puppies and dogs that are “rescue dogs”. Dogs that are horizontally focused are generally: 1.) Less Obedient, 2.) Less Focused on you, 3.) Shorter Attention Span, 4.) Less Calm,  5.) Less manageable 6.) and More distracted.

We socialize your dog in 5 areas: 1.) People, 2.) other Dogs, 3.) Places, 4.) Things, 5.) and Noises. We accomplish the task of moving your dog’s attention away from the Horizontal and Focus him on the Vertical which is your body. Remember that “Leave It” means do not pay ANY attention to anything but you. “Watch Me” means look up at me. When getting your dog’s attention, say his name first and then give the command. The stronger the distraction in the Horizontal the stronger your voice must be in the Vertical. Even in the correction, if the distraction is a 6 out of 10 then your correction must be a 7 out of 10 to have any influence at all on your dog.