Why is my Dog Testing Me?

When you arrive home, your dog will be back in his normal familiar place, and may think that the old behavior is acceptable.  Be Consistent and Be Persistent!

Remember that you saw him perform all his basic obedience concepts at the Turn Over. He knows what he is supposed to do and you worked with him first hand.  This is not a matter of retraining, this is a matter of expectation from you as the dog’s Alpha Leader. His behavior is not a matter of Deficiency of Knowledge, but an issue of Execution. Give the Command once and either correct or praise your dog for his response. Dogs are thinking hierarchal within the pack and testing your resolve. Will you keep your place as the Pack Leader or will you relinquish that position to a stubborn dog who is willing to push you? In this case the dog’s obedience is up to you. If the dog was obedient at the turn over, you must insist that he is obedient at home.