Dog is quiet in crate, waits while door is open, comes out of crate gently, sits so you can put the leash on, and waits for the next command.

Herschel is a 12 week old Yellow Lab in for 21 day Boarding Training with Whispering Oaks Professional Dog Training. He is now 15 weeks in this video. He is doing his three hour Train the Trainer turn over to his family. Herschel is maturity level two “Voice Command” and Maturity Level four trained which is “Hand Signal” and “Body Language” trained. Notice how Calm and Confident his trainer is in handling Herschel. We teach the family to balance “Task and Relationship” so the dog respects the “Pack Leader”. The system we use builds loyalty which transfers to the family picking up their dog. We work with family members as young as four years old. We Guarantee Our Training Result or you do not pay for the training. Give us a call at 404-444-9329