Down Stay with Distractions – Herschel is Demonstrating “Down Stay”. Notice how Vertically Focused Herschel is. He watches Wesley’s every move and is oblivious to the distractions in the horizontal. This Vertical Training, included in all Boarding Training Programs, does the following: 1) dog is calmer, 2) attention span increases, 3) dog is more mature, 4) vertically focused on the handler, 5) distractions in the horizontal has little influence on dog during Sit Stay and Down Stay. Down Stay or “Place” is useful inside also. Have your dog Down Stay at any place inside your home while you are doing something in that same room. This way you can enjoy your dog’s company keeping him out of mischief and not have him in his crate all day. Your dog does want to be with you, so let’s teach him how to spend time with you. While he is in a down-stay, he can chew on a nylon bone, deer antler, Bully Stick, Kong.