Whispering Oaks Professional Dog Training – Boarding Training programs teach dogs to “Sit Stay” and “Down Stay”. The “Distance Come” from 50’ to 100’ is part of our AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN Program. Notice how Herschel watches Wesley with anticipation all the way. Dogs look forward to the “Family Greeting” at the end of their Down Stay with Distance Come. We teach your dog to look forward to the praise and loving he is going to get once he gets to you. So when Herschel gets to you, he is taught to sit for the Family Greeting; this way he does not knock you over. Notice that WESLEY asks the dog to sit in the Family Greeting. Herschel is running wide open to get to WESLEY as fast as possible.
We suggest that you practice Distance Comes always, resulting in this physical attention every time you practice Sit Stays and Down Stays. The 3 Hour Train the Trainer gives you and your family, including your children, the opportunity OT practice before you leave. Both you and your dog will look forward to this greeting for years to come. Our focus for over twenty years is to help dogs and their owners understand each other, through teaching your dog, you, your family, and the practice needed at the Turn Over so everyone hears, the same thing and practices the same thing. This is not magic; this is the system we use. If you use the system you will get the same result.
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