One of our most often requests for training has to do with a dog that is pulling the entire family down the street while out for a walk, jumping in the greeting and stoping every 20 feet to smell something. In the AKC Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Programs we teach dogs to: 1.) Sit while you put his leash on 2.) Wait in and out of the door and up and down steps so you can go through first and he walks through calmly after you 3.) walk on your hip which is a 100% Heel 4.) no nose on the ground while walking 5) Vertical Focus on you so there are no distractions 6.) no jumping, pawing or mouthing in the greeting if you or your neighbor wants to pet him and 7.) Auto Sit whenever we come to a stop. Your puppy will sit without being asked. Sound to good to be true? Give Mike a call today and let’s get started with your AKC Basic Obedience Training! 404-444-9329