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Do you ever feel like asking the same question? Are you walking your dog or is your dog walking you? This is a question that is given an answer by looking who is out in front leading.

    Dogs should actually be following not leading. Many let their dogs walk them all over the place deciding where the two go. When taking a dog for a walk the leader of the pack, that is you, does the leading this communicates that you are alpha and therefore always go first. This correct walking position relegates the dog to the secondary beta role.

    For example, when you take your dog out to eliminate, you should decide where he goes and not give him the option to walk you all over the place while he decides where to go. There is a great benefit to this when it is 45 degrees out and raining. When you go for a nice walk you should plan the route and take the lead; allowing your dog to lead you is inviting pulling and jumping on people as they approach. for some dogs they may even take the role of protector and growl or even nip at passers by. Most people have no idea that they are the cause of such symptoms.