Dog comes out of the crate calmly, sits while you put the leash on and does not jump up, bolt out of the door of the crate or your home, but let’s you go through the door first by waiting at the door.

Wait in and out of the crate, sit calmly while we put the leash on and do not jump or bolt out of the door of the house. Dogs can learn not to make noise in the crate, jump up while you are putting on the leash, or knocking you over in the process. Once we have taught your dog to be calm while you leash him, feed or water him, we then teach you how to accomplish the same result. During your “Turn Over”, you will practice these skills until you and your dog can work together as a team; we help you and your dog understand each other so you can enjoy each other and look forward to a happy life together. When you come to pick up your dog on Turn Over Day, your family will be thinking, “Wow, is that really our dog!” We train about 350 dogs per year with a guaranteed result. We train any dog for any situation; Mike Sinteff is also an AKC Certified Evaluator and is an AKC Certified Temperment Tester.