What I do After I Get Home from Dog Training?

  • Upon arriving home, remember that your dog is going to test you so be prepared.
    a.) Be Calm, Confident and be Firm, but have FUN while working your dog
    b.) Balance Task and Relationship – Praise and Correct when needed

    Please always feel comfortable calling with any questions (404) 444-9329
    Do not wait, if you have a concern, call right away!

  • 2 Weeks Dog Training – You become proficient, comfortable, confident
    a.) Work 15-20 minutes 5 days out of 7 doing all Basic Obedience Commands from your Dog’s Turn Over Session. Do this training for two weeks. E-Collar Training will take longer. Please call Mike Sinteff (404) 444-9329 upon completion, Mike will have a couple of questions for you.
    b.) On the other Two Days follow up with the Inspect – Respect Principle
    i. Meaning hold your dog at his new standard so your dog will respect your new position as the Alpha Leader of the Pack

  • Leave your dog on his leash for Six Weeks and Practice Tethering
    i. Remember the Principle of Imprinting and Proofing in Dog Training

  • Follow your dog’s feeding and eliminating schedule to the letter

  • Alpha Vs Beta Dog Behavior – What does it mean to be your Dog’s Pack Leader

  • First Time Obedience – Give your dog the Command and Praise or Correct

  • Vertical vs Horizontal Focus – Where is your Dog’s Focus

  • We are certified by the American Kennel Club and Comprehensive Pet Therapy and perform all levels of these training programs for these organizations.